Ian McIver MRSPH


Add years to life & life to years

Concerned about your health? Trying to get off the cycle of yo-yo dieting? Struggling to make sense of confusing nutrition advice? Wanting clarity and change? Whatever you’re facing right now, don’t go through it alone. I’m a compassionate, evidence based health coach who can support you to more energy and better health.

Over the last ten years I’ve made simple changes to my life to improve my health. I know, based on evidence, that I‘ve substantially reduced my risks for many of the chronic illnesses we’ve come to expect as inevitable. Specific events in my life have highlighted the suffering of chronic illness, making me passionate about maintaining and improving mine and other people's health. Of course, not every illness can be prevented but evidence shows a significant number of diseases can be avoided and even reversed or put into remission by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

I’m a member of the Royal Society of Public Health and hold diplomas in nutrition and exercise. I’m passionate about helping people find a path to a better future and to understand why simple changes in diet, exercise, sleep or stress levels can reap huge benefits. Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, protect yourself from future health problems or improve existing ones, we can work together to achieve your goals.

Fabulous Food

My focus isn't just on nutritional quality but also on practicality and satisfaction. It’s far easier to maintain dietary changes when the food looks and tastes wonderful and leaves you feeling satisfied.

On the move

Exercise is an essential part of overall health and all movement counts! Some people love the gym but it isn't right for everybody and there are many ways to incorporate exercise into your daily activities.


Relaxation is often the first thing to drop off our to do list. But far from being dispensable, relaxation is fundamental and supports our health in far-reaching ways. If it doesn't come naturally, there are many techniques to help us unwind.


A good night's sleep makes all the difference. We know this from experience yet so many of us suffer with persistent sleep difficulties that impact on mental and physical health. I can help you navigate the research and suggest simple strategies and tips that have been shown to improve sleep quality.

Building a great relationship with you is really important to me. My approach is sensitive and, above all, led by your needs and the pace you want to go at. Working together will equip you with new knowledge and understanding to make changes in your life that can lead to long-lasting health gains.

Sessions rates are £45 per hour and I offer reduced rates for those on low income.

Contact me at ian@gaininhealth.com or call me on +44 7393 971358 for an informal chat.

Face to face in Shipley, West Yorkshire or globally online.